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Early morning Coupel

Bright and Early Couple.
Take a walk at road of behind Shinto Shrne.
Where They To Go.
Answer in Mornig bright.


made in love/Twin Coin-op fall in love.

Twin Coin-op fall in love.
But ther company be hostile to each other.
Coin-op couple run away from company,then living in my town.
Oneday ,A miracle happened to them at early morning.


Met Takahatafudou ST

Met at Takahatafudou ST.
Good looking of appearance from behind.
Don't turn her face,lady in takahata .
「ふりむかないで〜 高幡の人ぉ〜♪」


Gosh lady across the road

Sometimes I met this lady at eary morning about5:30.
Gosh lady across the road, with echo sound of her heels clicked on the road.
Kka! kka! kka!

spicy fried chicken

I cooked last night.
It's delicious!


bloody river sunrise

Town coverd Bloody sunrise.
You should be wake up and go to the bloody river.
Swiming over bloody river.
Crying over bloody river.



Like ghost town GANSO

Eary morning ,my town have'nt any people.
They look like GhostTown.
I like this time,Time loved there air.

*Left sign writed  [ボルサリーノ=Borsalino]
Right sign writed  [元祖=ganso:originator, ラーメン=rahmen:soup noodles, 味=aji:taste]


Falling Chestunt from fall

Japanese Chestunt is very nice taste in this season.
Today I walkout at field side.
A lot of Chestunt falling down from fall sky.
I sing song in spite of myself.
「どんぐり コロコロ どんぐりこ〜」
[Donguri korokoro donguriko~]

Let's singing with me.
So you falling Happy.